Communication Design Program is a 4 years bacholar degree that concepts, principles and experiences of communication design are taught to students. In this program communication design, interactive interfaces, multimedia, architecture of information and related new concepts, effective presentation of text, audio and image in variable environments are analyzed and discussed.


Program is accepting applicants that are open to innovative and creative methods with analitical talents and have the capacity to increase his/her designing vision.

During 8 semesters of education, students are graduated with 2D and 3D perception in art that can produce objects in multimedia, having “Designer Vision”, knowing the basic principles of technology and art and having the capacity to think beyond the boundaries.  Graduate students can be:

-manager and creative director in new generation agencies.
-lecturer in universities’ related programs

-researcher in technology and innovation based laboratories

-designer by producing interactive presentation methods in muses and galleries

-artist in production agencies in moving images or related subjects